Q: What is a HOA?
A: Homeowners' associations, or HOAs, are formal legal entities created to maintain common areas; they have the authority to enforce deed restrictions. Most condominium and townhome developments, and many newer single-family subdivisions have HOAs, which are usually created when the development is built. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's) are issued to each homeowner, and HOAs are established to ensure that they are adhered to in order to maintain the quality and value of the properties involved. 

Q: What is Neighborhood Watch?
A: Click here

Q: Who is responsible for the trees in front of my home and in the common areas?
A:  Each home owner is responsible for maintaining and or replacing the trees in each swale area in the front of their home.  The requirement is 2 trees in the swale area and if you are on a corner then 2 trees on both the front and side.  The HOA is responsible for maintaining and or replacing trees in the common areas of the development.  For example the trees on the north side of Wyoming. 

Q: What type of tree is allowed in the swale area?
A: The city of Hayden controls the approval for all trees in the swale, for the approved list by the city of Hayden please click here.

Q: Who should I call to fix the street lights on our block?
A:  Each light pole has a unique pole number, Avista needs this number to process the request for repair.  Write down the number and call Avista at 208-769-1851 and provide the pole number. 

Q: What are CC&Rs?
A: The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the governing documents that dictate how the homeowners association operates and what rules the owners -- and their tenants and guests -- must obey. These documents and rules are legally enforceable by the homeowners association, unless a specific provision conflicts with federal, state or local laws.

Q: Do you allow shops to be built in the Rocking R Neighborhood?
A: Shops are permitted within the Rocking R, however, there are some building conditions set within the CC&Rs and by the City of Hayden. Always check with the City of Hayden and the RockingR  Architectural Control board before you start your project.

Q: Who provides residential water service for Rocking R?
A: Avondale Irrigation District serves both domestic and irrigation water to the Rocking R development. 
207 East Hayden Avenue Hayden, ID 83835

Q: Who provides television service for Rocking R?
A: Time Warner Cable, 208-667-5521 www.timewarnercable.com.
DirecTV and DishNetwork,  www.directv.com and www.dish.com.


Q: Who should I call to get a phone line?
A: Standard phone line with Frontier Communications. 208-462-1105, or www.frontier.com.

Q: What are my choices for high-speed internet?
A: Time Warner Cable www.timewarnercable.com.
DSL modem through Frontier Communications (formerly Verizon). 877-462-8188, or www.frontier.com.


Q: What company provides garbage service for Rocking R?
A:  Waste Management, http://www.wmnorthwest.com/hayden/index.html 
or CDA Garbage 1820 N. Highway 41, Post Falls, ID 83854 
Phone: 208-457-1820