The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is comprised of homeowners appointed by the Board of Directors.  Their role per Article VII of our CC&Rs is to review and recommend to the Board for acceptance, change or denial of architectural issues including:

building of all structures – homes, fences and sheds
exterior addition, change or alteration including exterior paint colors


If you have made changes that fall under Article VII, please contact the ACC through the website or mail stating the address and changes made.  After a quick review a compliance letter will be sent.  If the change is not in harmony with the home and neighborhood or grossly out of compliance with specification outlined in the CC&Rs, corrective action will be recommended and required.


In December 2018 the Rocking R Board of Directors made a decision with regard to shed status.  If a shed was constructed prior to 2013, (Rocking R was functioning without an HOA) it is our findings that approval was probably provided by Developer Ron Rosenberger and his staff.  We have found many homeowner’s sheds were approved under this scenario.  However, if the existing shed were to be reconstructed or modified in any manner, the homeowner must follow Articles VII and VIII of the CC&R’s and submit their request to the HOA Administration for Board approval.


Any homeowner who built, reconstructed or modified a shed/structure in 2013 or later must have submitted plans, on file with the HOA, and approval by the Board of Directors.  Otherwise, their shed/structure falls under the noncompliance category and must be updated In accordance with the CC&R’s.

Please email the ACC committee directly at  Please include a description of what you are seeking approval on and drawings as necessary.



Architectural Control